Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's actually in your mind?
Do you think you are mature enough to be that way?

Q: When you found out one of your old schoolmate or friend being rude,selfish and unreasonable,what will you feel?
Will you feel hurtful? Will you feel disappointed? Or will you feel screwed up with her attitude?

My answer: I will feel like scolding her! I can't take it~ can't denied most of my friends are kind and nice person. loving too.. ( right guys?) Just hope she/he will think wisely before you speak or react. It is not too late to change. don't make people DISLIKE you,yet make them LOVE& TREASURE you. ..

P/S: I won't post much about my Italy trip. maybe you can view those pics in my Facebook. thanks ~ I'll try my best to blog as frequent as possible okay?!

night everyone. loves~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Finally I've the feeling of blogging!

Let me update with you guys about my trip to Italy and France(Nice)..
Actually this trip is kinda tiring... need to transit to Dubai,then take the next flight to Rome. Used up at least 13 hours to reach! first few days wasn't enjoying much... cos don't know anyone in the trip.. you know la,people like me so friendly pun need time to WARM UP ma... right? The best thing in Italy is too many hot guys and girls la! no joke man! I tell you,I GUARANTEE after you visited there you will have the same comment as I do!
okay la. can't said that's the best la.. the environment there is just AWESOME! felt so envy to those who stay there.. so comfortable... so warm + a bit cold... the weather in every states are different.. when I was in Milan,it was around 3-5 degree Celsius.. sangat BEST~ haha..
Lots of people told me those branded goods are cheap.. but for me,yes,it's cheaper compared to Malaysia but still... EXPENSIVE! not only branded goods,souvenir like key chains,clothes are also pricey la.. and WAIT... can you imagine most of the public toilet for per person its 1 or 2 Euro ok! My PEE cost RM5 for less than 500ML okay! anyone interested buying?! hahah! Joking! tapi mau buy,can can! call me~ hahah! i will give you cheaper price!

Post some pics sin...

sleeping in plane with my waffle! (thanks Darl)

sis and I


Night view of Nil River


Cappuccino vs mango vs Coffee~ *thumbs up*

Trevi River! Make a Wish! QUICK!

Will update more about my trip okay?! be patient ah... =)




Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog~ Blog~ Blog... ...
Can truly feel that blogging its another way of releasing stress..
cause i use to go for exercises like jogging or basketball to overcome those feelings..
If not i gonna 'ke siao' d!
history is killing me man.. its like more than 100 pages i need to go through and memorize them..
Faint la faint la.. *bullshit*
Just now went to read chia's blog.. NS starts on the 27/12~ isn't is too fast?
she complaint about mosquitoes too~ haha! chia,your blood are too smelly to be sucked by them la~ wanna suck also choose people like me la~ hahaha! too bad,i did not get selected..

2 weeks to go dude~

comfort yourself with this~


can choose to miss me too.. =) zhai bo?


Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's going on with me? its like 17 days away from SPM~ I'm still sitting here blogging. wipe my sweat away for me pls.. u can taste it if u want. *thanks!
this morning kena bising bising by my bobby jiejie to have breakfast with her, my min ee jiejie and my yap jiejie. 8.30 ni le. but she came at 9.20 =.= forgive her ni la.
just realise lots of my friends shifted to kemuning utama&kota kemuning...
chun right? this two places are gettting more and more famous liao ah..
easier for me to visit them often la. =)

Just came back from nephew,Marcus's birthday party..

*Marcus boy*


This is my another handsome nephew,Gabrielle..
He loves musics. whenever his mum play barney songs or Kenny G,any songs played by instruments, he'll keep quiet and start mubbling.. trying to express his feelings about the song to us.. will never understand his baby language! haha.
Too cute to be kiss right! both of them called me 'yi yi'! sound super old!
Next time must train them to call 'pretty' yi yi! haha! don't puke k~ swallow it!

*He's busy playing his 'Thomas and friends' toy!

Nowadays,i'm kinda addicted to football. especially my favourite team,CHELSEA! the BLUES!
My handsome+geng John Terry! He score the ONLY goal in the previous game against Roma! Head shot le! Tomorrow Chelsea against Liverpool! I'll definitely watch it with my dearest! but of course must finish my studies first lo..


*thanks darl for buying me chelsea top!
it's my first chelsea shirt!


I'll needa cope up my studies now~
Good Luck to all the form 5s..


Monday, October 13, 2008

sorry ah. lack of updates. hehe~
I wanna thanks all my friends for the birthday wishes and presents. =)
thanks for all the surprises you guys planned for me!
great great birthday! heheh..
I'd my birthday celebration on the 3rd of Oct at zanmai,pyramid...

the girls

the classmates

the *mans*

But unlucky me...right after the night,I fall a sick..
really bad.. high fever,flu and bad cough.. ah~
was so afraid that I'll kena dengue.. kia kia~ haha!
don't worry la. I'm fully recovered d!
Back to the strong and muscular ME!

today PMR starts lo. good luck to all the candidates! =)
besides the form 4s.. good luck in your finals~ =)

Kla,back to studies now. bored bored bored. Loves~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20th Sept 08~

went back Taiping last weekend to celebrate my handsome grandpa's birthday..
was kinda tiring cause needa wake up at 9am to keep myself prepared..

On the way back.. stuck in the car for 2 hours 30 minutes!

-darl mama driving-

*get some sweet guava at Tapah's rest house+ pee*

*safety first! haha*

*eat eat eat!*


* so crowded*

21 Sept 08-->afternoon!

It's also my darling Noelle sis's birthday~

*the pretty sis of mine*

too bad.. I couldn't manage to reach home by 6pm to have dinner+celebrate with her..
anyway.. I love you,sis! Happy Birthday!

*her birthday present(from me)*

CHEERS~ makan time!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wooohoo~ been feeling so stressful for few weeks...
Finally ~ just right after finishing economic paper.. I totally felt so released!
non-stop screaming like an old mad ah poh ni.. haha!
Wait... ... I'm still having exam next week.. 'The Calculation Week'...
My calculator's turn to suffer in pain! haha.. =)

taking a break now.. playing bowling buddies in facebook..
trying really hard to beat my noelle jiejie's score! 260/300 LE!
Chun sial.. the ball super hard to control and get strike for every single round...
I played more than 20 rounds liao la.. still can't..

* Good Job too darling~*

Nights babes~